MS Bike Tour

Dave and I after 187 km Dave and I bought road bikes this spring and after a few months decided that we would like to take part in the Rona MS Bike Tour. The tour is a fundraiser for the MS Society of Canada, and offers riders various options from a 1day 65km ride to Kemptville, to a 2day 185km ride. We opted for the longest route, which consisted of 120km on day 1 and 65km on day 2, for a total of 185 km over 2 days.

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Cycling through Cuban Countryside

Bike Tour - Day 1Dave and I recently returned from our honeymoon in Cuba. We had intended to post blog updates along the way, but it turns out that internet is not widely available in Cuba! We had internet in the hotels we stayed at in Havana, and at the resort in Varadero, but I did not see internet anywhere else. We actually only checked our email once the whole trip! Where there was internet available, it was quite expensive and quite slow. So, I am now finally sitting down to write a bit about our trip. We spent two weeks in Cuba, one week on a bike tour and the second week at a Sandals resort in Varadero. Pictures have been posted at my flickr page and Dave’s page.

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