Sightseeing in Santa Cruz

While I was working in Santa Cruz, I was able to take two days off to explore! One day we went to Biocentro Guembe, just outside of the city. It was a lot of fun! The other day was my last day in Santa Cruz (although not forever because I am actually going to be back there in a week!) and I wandered around the city centre and did some shopping.

Lovely PoolsBiocentro Guembe is a lovely park with pools, lakes, a butterfly conservatory, a few short trails and a great restaurant. The whole day cost us 120Bs ($18) including a delicious buffet lunch. I went with two coworkers and another friend who works in La Paz at another UN agency. We got there early in the morning and went through the laboratory where they keep all sorts of butterfly specimens and caterpillar specimens. It was really interesting! There was also a tarantula, which all the others in my group held, but I did not!! After that we went wandering through the butterfly conservatory and up to a lookout. As you can see from the photos, there were a lot of butterflies! We had a fantastic buffet lunch, and then wandered around the lakes a bit. Finally we took a dip in the pool, which was refreshing and a lot of fun! All in all it was a well-deserved day of relaxing for all of us.

Plaza 24 de SeptiembreMy final day in Santa Cruz was filled with shopping and sight-seeing. I went to a huge market where you can find anything in the world at low low prices. It was overwhelming. I wanted a nice pair of shoes and eventually I found a pair but the selection was enormous! It was hard to find what I was looking for amongst everything else! Then I had a quick bite to eat and went up a church tower that is also a lookout and then wandered through the church. I didn’t get to any of the museums, but looks like I will have another chance next weekend. I will be in Santa Cruz for two days between two trips for work – one to Cochabamba and the other to El Chaco, which will be by road leaving from Santa Cruz.

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