Current Projects

Projects Supported in 2021

TEMBO: Tanzania Education and Micro-Business Opportunity
TemboGirls TJF contributed $3000 to the TEMBO Girls Sponsorship Program in Tanzania in order that 40 to 45 girls could be admitted to secondary school.
The girls are provided with school uniforms and everything else needed for the four year program. Many are then able to move on to vocational training, leading to jobs and a way to transform their community.
Malawai Water Project
MalawiWater The Malawi Water Project was given $4000 to provide clean water and improved sanitation in Malawi, Africa. Villagers are taught how to construct household biosand water filters and how to repair and maintain water wells.
Volunteers are trained to teach their neighbours proper sanitation and hygiene practices.
Guatemala Stove Project
GuatemalaStove This project received $4000 to fund their “Cookstoves for Primary Schools in Maya Communities”. This funding will enable the construction of four chimney-vented school cookstoves in rural Maya communities and the purchase of nutritional lunch supplements for students over a two month period.
Embrace International Foundation
EmbraceInternational A grant of $5000 was given to help provide home-based rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, occupational, and speech therapy to children living with disabilities in the rural western part of Uganda.