Another adventure is on the way

Time sure flies these days! I can't believe I've already been back for almost 3 months. It's good to be back, although I could use a little less snow. It's been great catching up with friends, and getting back into the swing of things here. I was sick with mono for a while there - and I thought I would be healthy now that I am back in Canada! As a result I was in a bit of hibernation mode, but now I am feeling back to normal, and getting ready for the enxt adventure! Aside from my brother's upcoming nuptuals (this weekend), and Easter (next weekend) and hopefully my niece's baptism the weekend after (if I can make on to find out why I may not), I am starting to get ready for my next trip!

I am now working for Cowater, a consulting company that does development work all over the world. Things were a bit slow at first, but I am getting busier and busier at work, which is a good thing! One of the projects I am working on involves building capacity within the Department of the Environment in Bangladesh, so that they can carry out their role of environmental monitoring and enforcement. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, I recently learned, is the second dirtiest city in the world, with major water and air pollution problems. One of the main problems is lack of regulatory control over industry wastewater discharge, among many others! But this is one of the problems that we are focusing on with this project. We are trying to train and develop tools and resources for the department to use so that they can implement the regulations and enforce them, with the end result being cleaner rivers. It's a very interesting project, and I'm looking forward to getting more involved in it while I am in Dhaka.

I've never been to that side of the globe, so I am looking forward to it. I've heard it can be a bit overwhelming with people and cars and cows and every manner of bicycle and motorized cart going every where at the same time. I am only going for two weeks in early April, which won't provide me much time to sightsee, or even get over the jet lag (it's something like a 10 hour difference), but will be interesting nonetheless. Other cultures always are!

I will keep the updates coming as I get ready, and hopefully while I am there. At the very least there will be one when I get back!!

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Posted in travel Submitted by Meg on Wed, 2008-03-12 21:40

Cars, Cows and people Oh my!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2008-03-13 08:15.

We'll definitely have to chat about this next Saturday night as both Mike and I have spent time in that area. What a cool project you are doing. So wicked that the outcome is cleaner rivers...amazing!


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